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About Us

Detail is Important at Nunzio’s

We design, build, and install cabinetry, millwork, architectural paneling, and countertops.  View our portfolio to get an idea and feel for what you like and how we can assist you.


Family…Nunzio’s…Since 1977

Nunzio was born in Italy.  His father was the town carpenter, who handled the town’s woodworking needs, including hand-carved coffins for funerals.  Nunzio was the oldest of 3 brothers, all of whom went into woodworking.  Two brothers in Italy went on to have two sons, each who also went into woodworking.  Nunzio had four sons who also followed in their father and grandfather’s footsteps, becoming woodworkers.  Today, sons work alongside Father, bringing forth the third generation of woodworkers that began in Naples, Italy.


Locally Made Custom Products

We manufacture everything on site, making us a local, custom-made shop.

Convenient Location. Cleveland Proud.

We are conveniently located few minutes from I-480 and provide quality service to Cleveland and the surrounding area.